Previous Spoken space acts include:


Gregory Lukac – “The King of the 30th Floor”

Sobriety Twist – “Desertification”

Sam Ball – “The Miller’s Wife’s Tale”

Nikesh Shukla – “The Britishness Test”

Matthew Giraudewu – “Bad Poems”

Julia Lee Barclay with Paul Burgess and Simon Daw (Apocryphal Theatre with Scale Project) – “Future Worlds: Tricorn INIT!”

David Bottomley – “Ghosts of Bankside”

Ernesto Sarezale – “Poetry Tease”

Brian Fuata – “For the man they call Captian”

Cathy Flower – “From a true Sucker”, “Feed and Kill”

Leon Conrad with Nicky Heinen – “Blood Bonds”

Katy Pearce – “dancing her speaking her writing her dancing”

Jonas Froberg (Theater Spira, Sweden) – “For Life… (volvo in crisis)”

BENS PENS – “Tenmoth Electron”


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